Update - this script doesn't work anymore. In fact, AMG has redeemed themselves and changed almost all of the links on their site to real links. This is only around as a historical curiosity.

Fix AMG 2.0

Drag the above link onto your personal toolbar/favorites bar/links bar/whatever and click it when you want to do "advanced" web techniques such as "copy shortcut to clipboard," "open link in new window," and "open link in new tab" on the all-new allmusic.com. Note that IE may explain that the link "may not be safe." You may safely ignore this warning and choose "Yes." The bookmarklet works in just about any DOM-compliant browser, such as Mozilla, FireFox, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer.

Please send suggestions, bug reports, etc. to ian @ polpo . org.

Update - Removes the onclick event. I didn't remove it while testing so I wouldn't have to reload allmusic.com's sluggish site over and over.