An ISA sound card emulator, powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico

PicoGUS can emulate Gravis UltraSound, AdLib (OPL2), CMS/Game Blaster and Tandy 3-Voice, and supports MIDI output with MPU-401 intelligent mode emulation. It comes in two versions: the original ISA card, and the "Femto" edition that can plug into a Hand386/Book8088 or ISA adapter.

A PicoGUS board in front of a Gravis Ultrasound A "Femto" PicoGUS board attached to a Hand386, playing the demo Unreal by Future Crew

Got a PicoGUS at VCF Midwest? Get started with latest software release on the project's GitHub page.

Wanted to get a PicoGUS at VCF Midwest but I ran out? I'll be making another batch ASAP. I placed an order for parts on 2023-09-12 which should arrive at JLCPCB in 1-2 weeks, then production can begin. After waiting 10 days for the PSRAM parts to arrive at JLCPCB, my order was suddenly canceled with little explanation. I've gone ahead and put a batch of Femto edition PicoGUS cards and ISA adapters into production on 2023-09-25 without the PSRAM chips, which I will assemble by hand when they arrive. Stay tuned!

Also put into production at the same time: prototypes for a new version of the PicoGUS that directly integrates the RP2040 microcontroller and can be 99% assembled at JLCPCB. Unlike the Femto versions which require a lot of manual assembly by me, I'll be able to be literally "hands off" when making these! Here's a preview:

A 3D rendering of a PicoGUS PCB. There is no Pico board on this version - everything is directly on the board.


Want to support the project (i.e. let me buy more motherboards with chipsets to test PicoGUS on)? You can donate via PayPal or Ko-Fi!